Privacy policy  (mb / mANY)

1. Handling of information

The information handled by this application is as follows.
Each information is saved in the internal memory area dedicated to this application in the user terminal whose access is controlled by the OS.
In addition, we do not collect or use the information handled by this application and provide it to others without permission from the user.

(1) Email account

The information of the e-mail account set by the user is saved in the terminal and used when acquiring/sending the e-mail. The following information is saved.

Gmail : Email address, OAuth token, Access settings to the mail server
Other : Email address, login ID/password, Access settings to the mail server

(2) Address book

The address of the sent or received mail or the sender's mail address is saved in the mB unique address book in the terminal.
Also, the user can directly enter the email address in the address book or import the information in the Android contact book.
The information in the address book can be used to set the destination when the user sends an email.
Users can add information such as phone number, name, address, birthday, etc. to the email address saved in the address book, save, refer to, and send to others by email.

(3) Email/Schedule/Mission/Memo

Emails, schedules, missions, and memos created, sent, and received are saved in the device.
Users can delete this information from the terminal by deleting it.
The user can send this information to the email address set as the destination via the provider of the selected email account by performing the send operation.
Handling of information during communication when sending and receiving is outside the control of this application. Please check the privacy policy etc. defined by your email account provider.

(4) Export data

The user can write the above data saved in the internal memory to the external memory when it is necessary to extract the saved data due to changes in the terminal used. The data written to the external memory can be referenced by the terminal operator or other applications, so please handle it with care.

(5) Statistical information

For the purpose of quality improvement and service improvement, this application may collect statistical information that cannot identify an individual only with the permission of the user. When collecting statistical information, notify the user of the information to be collected and the period, and ask for permission. Without permission, we will not collect statistical information.

2. Handling of Gmail information

(1) Log in to Google

This application logs in to Google with the Google account set up by the user and accesses Gmail. When logging in to Google, the user will be asked for permission for this application to access Gmail. If you do not allow it, you cannot use Gmail with this application.

(2) Read email

If you allow access to Gmail, this application will read all emails from Gmail and store them in the dedicated memory area of this application on devices whose access is controlled by the OS.

(3) Create/Send/Delete emails

When create, send, or delete emails, this application will access Gmail.

(4) Communication protocol with Gmail

When read, create, delete emails, this application communicates with Gmail using imap4 protocol with SSL encryption. When sending emails, this application communicates with Gmail using smtp protocol with STARTTLS encryption.

3. Discard information

By uninstalling this application, the information stored in the internal memory area dedicated to this application in the device will be deleted.

4. Change of privacy policy

This policy may change when the version of this application is upgraded.

5. Contact information

Name: Handy Product Factory

August 4, 2020